Project ignite is a journal-powered, minimalistic framework to start doing things

The short history behind project ignite

Over the years, every strength or personality assessment I ever took identified me as a “strong starter”: I have a natural ability to start new things and follow up on them to completion, but it’s the start that kicks everything into high gear.

Starting strong is how I achieved my fitness goals, ran marathons, learned to code, journal and built the website you are currently browsing.

I dedicated the months prior to building the project Ignite dissecting how my natural proficiency to start things successfully works, as well as read all written material I could find. I want you to have the same success starting strong as I did, using the framework I’m using.

The Ignite framework explained

Project Ignite is a journal-powered, minimalist framework to start doing things - now, let’s unpack this statement into what it really means.


I believe that right now, you have every tool you need to successfully start doing anything. Whatever kept you from doing what you currently have in mind in the past is irrelevant - you are here now and that’s a powerful step!

When using project Ignite, we use freeform journaling to keep ourselves accountable, plan and reflect. It doesn’t have to be pretty (in fact the design is basic and that’s intentional) but it needs to be written and it needs to be vulnerable.

No one but you will ever see the things you write, there are no social features, no friends or followers, no share or like buttons. It’s all about you and your plan to successfully start doing anything.

Behind the scenes, I’m using research based hooks to keep you on track and give you some insights into what comes next: It depends on things like time zone, when in the project timeline you are at your best, when do you write and more. By all means, those are not necessary for you to succeed in doing what you had planned - I’m here to increase your odds.


Simple things are powerful. It may be counterintuitive to how most websites nowadays work but I want you to spend as little time on this website as possible and spend the majority of the time doing the thing you had planned.

After you sign in and reach your journal environment, everything is super basic - from the design to the prompts and visual queues. The optimal workflow that I had in mind when designing the website is you go in, rumble with your emotions and planning, write whatever you need to write and go do the thing.

Here's how your journal enviorment look like. Notice how your 'why is it important' part is always present

Why should you use Ignite over whatever you have right now

If there is one thing I want to avoid is have Ignite be another productivity app in your toolbox. The to-do market is super saturated and apps are dime a dozen - some have better design, more of them are more feature rich and have different accountability methods.

The thing that gets me about to-do apps is that they all want your commitment and being your platform for life. I don’t.

Project Ignite is about you going into a journey (that is always one month long), focused on successfully completing what you had planned and at the end of the month you are done, no strings attached. You can use whatever tools you currently have alongside your journey plan, if it works we don’t want to change it - so in that regard you are providing your existing toolset with a framework to work under.

If you feel you are ready to start your journey with Ignite, it’s time to open your account. See you Inside!