A handful of questions gathered from our early testing phase

What is project Ignite?

It’s a website that help you start doing the things you always wanted.

What can I do here?

Pick a thing you really want, and start doing it.

How does project ignite work?

By employing the No-BS method of start doing things. There is a whole page covering process from start to finish, fully transparent - read all about it.

Is project Ignite for me?

Ask yourself this: (a) do you know what do you want to start? (b) why is that important? Why is it important right now? If you got answers to both of these questions then yes - it’s for you. If not, go figure them out.

Who is behind project Ignite?

Founded by, Omer Kaplan - a tech person, product person but most importantly, a strong starter that got really curious about starting things.

Do you have a mobile app?

Not for the foreseeable future. My goal is to keep project Ignite a mindful project where you really take the time and focus on the journey. Adding some friction is by design.

Why does the website’s design so rough?

That’s also by design! While I do enjoy a bit of eye candy in my design, project ignite is meant to get you focused on the success of your journey. My main focus is to make sure you have the best chances of success in accomplishing what you had planned.

I also prefer you off the website as much as possible. Notifications, alerts and fancy stuff would just keep you engaged with things that are a distraction from what you actually need to be doing.

Why do I have to pay up front to start a journey?

This is explained in depth on the “How it works” page but here’s the TL;DR: I don’t know you or your motivations but throughout the testing group phase, the trigger that attributed the most to success in a consistent way was people putting something on the line - in this case your payment is your commitment to the process.

Can I share my notes and progress on social media?

No. While there is great value in sharing progress and success to get motivated this is not how we roll: This is your journey and part of the journey is finding the internal motivation to accomplish what you had planned.

Depending on external triggers and social validation is good for the short term but unreliable for the long haul - it’s all about making your life better.

I have more questions!

Alrighty, send us a message