The no BS way to start

Project Ignite is now free because screw covid-19

29 weeks left in 2020 - let's make em count

"Fianlly a website that focuses on me, no social bullcrap"

Reyansh, M.

"I was able to pick up both reading and working out habits. Feels great!"

Jackie L.

"Your team really made a difference in my life. I'm humbled and thankful"

Katherine W.

What makes Ignite different


This is all about you and your journey - Not a social network, no social networking features, no friends or followers.


No judgement. Your journey to start doing the things you want cannot be accessed by anyone so you can focus, introspect and be as vaulnerable and honest as possible.


Not a casual thing. If you have a burning desire to start doing something and all you need is a spark to get you going - you will find it in Ignite.


We are focused on one goal and a single use case. We are not after your data, attention or your social graph. We fit into your lifestyle with zero dependencies.

Project ignite is a journal-powered, minimalistic framework to start doing things

and counting

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